Residential Address  

Shekhar Sen


201/1, Wildwood Park,


Yari Road, Versova,


Mumbai - 400 061, India.


Tel.: +91 22 2636 9091,





About Shekhar Sen  

Shekhar Sen is a name today who has proved himself as a talented singer, music composer, lyricist and actor. Born and brought up in a Bengali family of Raipur Chhattisgarh, he was fortunate to learn music from his parents late Dr. Arun Kumar Sen & late Dr. Aneeta Sen renowned classical singers of Gwalior Gharana & Musicologists. Shekhar established himself as a singer with a different style by singing the medieval poets like Raskhan, Raheem, Lalitkishori, Bhooshan Bihari & many more. To his credit, he has done more than 1200 singing concerts all over the world, released more than 200 cassettes & CD’s as singer, composer & lyricist. He composed music in many TV serials. He then invented a new style in the field of entertainment. His monoact musical plays “Tulsi”, “Kabeer”, "Vivekanand" , "Saahab" & "Soordas" created history with more than 800 shows in India, USA, UK, Belgium, Hongkong, Singapore, Indonesia, Trinidad, Suriname, Sharjah, Mauritius & Johannesburg. The quest never ends, Therefore as a true representative of Indian culture Shekhar is proceeding ahead in search of new horizons.


Shekhar Sen's Painting